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        In 1929, the Ashmore family opened a poultry farm on Beltline Road in Irving which they named the Lazy A Ranchera.  
        A few years later they added a bakery in order to use the surplus eggs from the farming operation.
        From the beginning, the Ashmores used only natural ingredients in their baked goods, which began attracting local health enthusiasts to the store.
        Even more people began shopping there as the family added other health food products to their inventory along with vitamins and minerals.
        Mrs. Ashmore’s niece, Katy W. Roberts, eventually took over management in the late 1960s.  
        Her son, Allen Garner, started working part-time at the store on school holidays and during summer vacation, continuing to do so through his college years.
        Shortly after graduating, Allen came to work at Katy's Kottage on a full-time basis until 1976, when the Ashmores closed the Lazy A Ranchera when their land became too valuable for that use.
        A few months later, Katy opened Katy’s Kupboard in the southern part of Irving, adding a second location on MacArthur Blvd. in 1980.   
        Allen helped his mother run both locations until her death in 1981, which led to his decision to close Katy's Kupboard and concentrate on one location.
        Allen operated at the corner of MacArthur and Rochelle for 25 years before "returning to Irving's west side," as Katy's Kottage opened the doors to its new location at 3551 N. Beltline Rd. in 2005, just about 5 miles north of the location of the original Lazy A.
        Having been passed on through three generations, the business has survived many highs and lows during its nearly 80-year existence.
        During his nearly 47-year career, Allen has attended countless seminars and undertaken extensive self-directed study of the health food business, nutrition, and related subjects.  
        He's always willing to share what he knows—free of charge—pointing out that his advice is "worth at least what you've paid for it."
        Allen's research efforts on behalf of his customers has earned him many loyal clients, as well as the trust of several local doctors and health care providers who often refer patients to his store for products and information.